Monday : 04 : December : 2023

Lake View Travel is a breeze innovation in the travel industry of Pakistan, focused on reliable services, ethical dealings, customer orientation and sustaining relationships. We have a commitment for Lake View to diversify to welcome global travellers while understanding their needs from Pakistan context by acquiring the best available specialist knowledge and skills to serve different markets.

Building on the experience staff we envisage a rapid expansion in our service. We offer a comprehensive range and a variety of travel programs, both business and leisure. For our holiday and corporate clients, we have experienced and professional staff team to cater to their travel needs.

Individual Traveler Assistance

Lake View Travel has an inbound section that handles incoming individuals or group travel arrangement from other parts of the world to Pakistan. Our services include hotel bookings, transportation arrangements, ticketing assistance, Meet and assist services and travel Packages. Serving a wide range of global travellers we put effort in understanding our individual travellers and facilitate them for a memorable travel experience.

Super Value Package Tours

Over the years, we have established an extensive network all over Pakistan, developing itineraries range from 5 to 27 days and are noted for their infinite variety and personalized service. We offer flexible & value-added tour programs at reasonable prices.

Unique Custom- made tour for exotic destinations

With years of expertise, our team organizes special interest and adventurous tour programs for visitors from all part of the world, for those looking for an exotic destinations and unique experience. We also develop ‘Lifestyle tour programs’ for lifestyle seekers, resort lovers and honeymooners.

Business & Corporate Travel

Lake View Travel specializes in providing business travel services to international organizations in Pakistan. We have a team of corporate consultants who specifically assigned to handle individual corporate account. This enable us to provide immediate response, focus on the specific need and cater to the specific travel pattern and preference of our corporate accounts. In addition, we have many ‘Business & Leisure Combination programs’, which enable our corporate clients to enjoy a few days leisure tour during their business trip.

Our Team

We live, breathe and dream Pakistan! Our seasoned travel designers are enthusiastic about our work, who travel regularly throughout the country to gain first-hand experience; explore new regions, Discover novel and unique options to enrich our travellers experience, while inspecting our existing product, ensure the services delivery on our admittedly high standards, which we aim to exceed every time. Our services are keen to adapt to the visitor perspective paying close attention to quality, logistics and comfort.  Pakistan offers a wealth of adventure. From the people to the landscapes, expect diversity at every step. Our team is committed to help you make the best of your time in Pakistan.